Click here to report this

So you did – clicked here that is, that is why you’re on this page ain’t it?  I don’t suppose you’d like to report something would you?  Maybe my foul grammar, or findings after observing your entrails through an X-ray application, or that cow crossing the road two blocks down from where you live—wait, I see where this is going… powerful inclination to document events, urge to air your opinions, impulsion to breathe voice and story to mere pictures, the mighty tendency to capture and expose the lives of the oppressed, suppressed and wronged – I know what you are, you’re a reporter—and oh what good fortune of yours to have stumbled upon my humble rumblings.

Online journalist

Professional or amateur, reporters and journalists alike are taking to the web to dispense their stories, findings and or whatever interesting discourse of life and other philosophies they might have uncovered or learned.  Internet journalism has caught on with the masses, only recently, but already the landscape and playfield for and of journalism and reporting has been fundamentally altered because of it.  Eating away at the business pie of the traditional media industries, such as the print press and good’ol radio, free-to-consume and pay-to-consume schemes on the interweb have outgunned their forerunning counterparts due to their interactive nature (in leaving comments and showing approval and support in liking and sharing), synchronous live updating (through notifications), accessibility, portability and free-cheap businesses models.

BBC Online

With little or no barriers to entry, apart from perhaps the fundamental know-how of digital literacy, almost anyone can take to the web and do their desire’s worth of online journalism.  Even without buying out your own domain, enthusiasts can work on established platforms or through blog sites to establish their very own brand of personalized journalism and perhaps make a quick buck or two in the process.  Like the BBC in the UK, local platforms such as Stomp, offer money in exchange for interesting articles and this trend it seems is paying dividends because not only has the audience of the website grown disproportionately in the last couple of years, but so has its reach and scope—perhaps owning to the tabloid-esque content of the articles.

St onlineStomp

But whatever the case, the internet’s now the go-to place for information.  That’s news ain’t it?


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