How to build an empire on E-marketing

How do you build an empire on e-marketing?  Well if it’s just on e-marketing alone it’s hardly possible—however that said, marketing your business electronically, or e-marketing, can surely help—if done right of course.  I’m not e-marketing guru but if you’re going to start you’ll need to establish certain fundamentals and precepts of the electronic marketplace.  If you read on I’ll try (to the best of my ability) to inform, enlighten, enrich and endow you with the relevant know-how of how to set up, and how to better your e-marketing reach.

First things first, why e-market?  Well the answer to that cannot be simpler.  There are in fact tons of benefits to be had from taking advertising onto the internet.  As a free medium, the internet is your oyster, and given the tools at your disposal, anything and everything—if used properly, can make you a dollar more.  But while the possibilities are abundant, the four benefits of delving into the e-marketing model are these;

1)      E-marketing can lend your business a global reach and it will not cost a nickel too much.  Traditional means of doing so, employing foreign market experts or studying the market yourself then paying the local advertising firms for slots on prime time or in the morning paper is time consuming and can burn a hole in your wallet.  The internet on the other hand takes your goods to the screens and eyes of foreign lands at the fraction of the time, effort and cost.

2)      You can achieve closer customer relations with e-marketing models.  The customer feedback process can be long and arduous.  Unnecessary waiting on the automated response machine, lag time on snail mail, and disruptive time zone differences can make traditional means of customer interaction haphazard.    Well not anymore with the internet, on your advertisements, videos, blog, website or other social media extensions, customers can ping you, drop you a message, leave you a comment or hit you up at your prescribed links—easy as that, and you may reply in kind.

3)      Because the internet is largely free (notwithstanding ISP fees and electricity bills), cost of maintain a business on the e-marketing model is relatively cheap.

4)      Lastly, an e-marketing model is highly customizable.  Don’t like what you put up yesterday?  Well, take it off and show off something new!  Want to slash prices on certain products or broadcast a discount or promotion on a specific service or activity?  If your web designer is alright he can have your changes and announcements ready in a jiffy.   Traditional media can’t do that—not without extra costs, an earful from the print team and the editor, and sour manufacturer-supplier relations for the future.

And so with that, it’s pretty easy to see why many business, especially small-medium enterprises (SME) are adopting the e-marketing model.  Not saying the big businesses don’t, they do, but theirs is way more elaborate and “hardcore” if you will—and definitely not of priority interest to you my startup friend.

Now if you’ve already established an e-business of your own already, congratulations.  E-marketing has been quite the buttercup ain’t it?—or has it not been working out as well as intended?  Well if you’re getting more lemons than dough (unless you’re in the lemon industry, or like lemons, then think up another repelling fruit to substitute that) perhaps it’s time to revise your strategy.  Compiled below are some useful tips from the wise old sages on the Tube of You, yes YouTube.  Enjoy.

Dboozer05 on YouTube suggests creating or sponsoring blogs to review the goods or services that you are selling.  Rave reviews topped with links to your products can influence unwitting and undecided consumers to consider buying your product.  Thought dubious and not necessarily the most morally legitimate mean of drawing attention to your products, this method of creating awareness and drumming good publicity to what you’re selling does lend credence to the point that the more people “talking” about the product (especially if talk is good) the more likely people will be persuaded to buy your product.

In addition, Lydia Parrot suggests marketing videos and uploading them on free to air platforms such as YouTube.  According to her, when people look up something on the internet they’re more incline to click on video links as opposed to text-based links.  So there you go, market on YouTube!  In addition, the very astute YouTuber advises people who do so to be liberal with their tags and keywords because much like the action of uploading and posting the video, these items will not cost you a dime, so why shy on them?

For more tips and tricks on e-marketing do be sure to look up YouTube!  Because it has everything.  And if you would like to know more about dboozer and Lydia, look up the links below.


Link to dboozer05’s e-marketing strategies:…0.0…1ac.1.rkzY_O8XpCw

Link to Lydia Parrot 1’s internet marketing video guide:


One thought on “How to build an empire on E-marketing

  1. whoa, haha i never knew that video links worked better than text links. Well, your points kinda sum up the benefits of going into e-commerce, another factor to throw in would be on-the-go accessbility of e-commerce! With smartphones and tablets being used by almost every one right now, on the go search is another benefit for online businesses.

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