The Lost and Found

An artist’s impression of the interwebnet, I think

The World Wide Web is a fantastic place to be at—it’s free (depends on the site you’re visiting actually), it’s easily assessable (depending on where you are really), it’s a good source of information (got to what’s reliable and what’s not though) and it’s a good platform to voice ideas, opinions, vent frustration or put out a laugh (but you should pick your channels correctly because the wrong words at the wrong time and place can land you in a cell).  Now that’s established, let us establish some cool little known facts shall we?

On any given day in the world that is the internet:

–          532 million statuses are updated

–          250 million photos are uploaded

–          22 million hours of TV and movie are watched on Netflix

–          864,000 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube

–          More than 35 million apps are downloaded

–          More iPhones are sold than people are born

[Figures pulled from COM 125 notes by Abel Choy]

Hmm, there are more iPhone are sold than there are people born every day.  Wait—what for real?  That’s amazing—ly hard to believe.  Maybe that’s because I’m an iGnoramus because I’m not much of an iPhone fan but honestly speaking from a sales standpoint it’s not sustainable!  To have phone sales exceed the 367,123 births a day (true on average in 2011—thank you Wikipedia) every single day since; man you’ve got to be making numbers up.  But thy name is not Thomas, and so I decided to ask Google if this was ever true.  And as I seek I found that what I was told was true- BUT only for 98 days at the start of 2012—hardly a daily occurrence (not like you needed Sherlock to point that out).

And this has reminded me of another established, albeit easily forgotten fact about the internet, and that is the net updates itself so rapidly and instantaneously that the value and utility of information within it erodes fairly quickly, so much so that interesting facts like the iPhone nugget can become obsolete perhaps a little too soon, and not to mention misleading too, if not taken in context.

The World Wide Web is a fantastic place to be at—there are cool facts to be had (obsolete and current), it provides me with the tools to clear my doubts (Google and Wikipedia) and it provides me with the channels to broadcast my findings (WordPress).  A reestablished fact, to say the least.  So there you have it folks, and thanks for reading (:

If you wish to read more about the iPhone versus daily global birth rate you may head down to the resource link below.

Resource links:,r:36,s:106,i:213


One thought on “The Lost and Found

  1. even still, more iPhones bought than children birthed? haha, that is kinda shocking isnt it.. anyhow, i guess the net has become quintessential to life as we know it..

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