Do zombies exist?

The answer my friend is—no.  Not the flesh eating, blood thirsty ones at least.  Those are the work of fiction and they exist only in video games, comic books, good television serials (subjective) and in my grandmother’s imagination (not true).  So what does that make Bruce Willis? —wait, he’s alive?  Oops I’m sorry, false alarm there.

When's the apple's fallen from the tree is it still alive?

Now Steve Jobs has been in the news lately, even after his death.  With pieces celebrating his achievements, contributions to Apple, the debate surrounding the cause of his death, and many many more.  The latest page  turner to be pumped out by the press catches the former leader of Apple in one of his more malevolent egos.  “I am going to destroy Android” quotes The Straits Times of Jobs in an article which
details the man’s hatred for his competitor’s phone operating system.

mmmm..... Apple

Perhaps the late Steve Jobs had the right to feel aggrieved because not only did Android “borrow” a fair bit of ideas from Apple’s brainchild, the iPhone, they were in direct competition with Apple’s hottest selling product.  Mr. Stevie J wasn’t much of a
sharer, he certainly didn’t not climb to the top of the Apple tree by sharing
ideas or profits, so Mr. J’s acrimonious comments there should come as little
surprise.  However to add insult to injury, Android did overtake Apple as the most popular OS worldwide and the entire affair, in the eyes of the deceased Mr. Jobs, did appear to stem from a blatant internal betrayal.  You may read the entire article on Yahoo News, I’ll provide the link below.

More apples for you

The fact however, that an OS can exert so much influence and challenge hardware developers like Apple, flies in the face of the electronic colonialism  concept, which under the theory of cultural imperialism states that whoever controls the hardware controls the software.  This while true under most circumstances, like how Apple controls applications or app development, or in game consoles where Sony dictates the
games and firmwares for the Playstation, does not hold true always.   And
exception to the rule usually causes death.  IBM fell in the late 1990s when it became a slave to Microsoft’s operating systems, and now the dominance of Apple is undermined with the proliferation of the Android system.

Apple's 1990s brand of computers

I don’t know if this is true but it seems that exceptions to the norm above quite always began with both parties engaging in a fruitful symbiotic relationship.  In economic terms, if  would mean that both products were considered complementary good to one
another; that is, software to hardware and vice versa.  So well, if you’re able to spot the trend and you’ve done your math, as did I, you will realize that Android (assuming it
will successful eat up the Apple) will fall, subsequently and in due time, to (drum
roll) Motorola.  Yes, shocking aint it.  And thy new product everyone will be carrying
around will be called…

Not Apple, but nice try

That’s for us to find out. (:



15 thoughts on “Do zombies exist?

  1. To put it simply man, considering that every clown you see in public owns an iphone now its hard to see Apple experiencing difficulties anytime soon. Yes they have overpriced underutilized products whose major appeal lies in a design that causes mysterious reception problems, BUT, its bloody apple so people will bite into it like zombies to flesh.

    • Nicely said Vigs, although i wouldnt call Apple products underutilized. It’s potential is very much realised in the design industry and it’s app utility is very much alive and growing amongst developers of all sizes.

      Apple produces great products but yes, it’s amazingly overpriced. It’s a fact which many cannot swallow.. i suppose you can say of most people, to them beauty is only skin deep.

  2. Eh, what does zombies got to do with apples, pears, your grandma, steve jobs and everything else?

    OHHH, I see I see I see, nothing! HAHA..

    Well, its seems though, that electronic colonialism is falling apart? Or maybe, not so much colonialism but more of a oligopoly? Even countries like China are developing their own iPhones which are in fact, almost as good as the actual iPhone except for brandname and maybe a lot less amount of apps available. But still, I feel its not so much colonialism anymore, but more of, a power struggle between said companies and who can actually dominate.

    • Yea that was deliberate! 😀 sidetracking abit, have you realised that this is the case for any The Simpsons episodes? The main story or plot of episode has no link to the opening scenes of the show. Worth a though. hahaha..

      Back on track, i believe electronic colonialism is still applicable in most cases. very rarely do you have exceptions to the norm. And in the event you do, chances are, the software is going to overrun hardware. If you think of is the same song is being sung for mobile software, gaming consoles and operating systems.

  3. Truth be told, I think Apple’s success is due to their brilliant marketing. For example, Creative actually has earphones that provide better acoustics, but it’s due to Apple’s marketing that makes the iPod something “cool” to have.

    Though, funny about the Pear. 😀

    • Yea true, but Apple started out as a hardware firm; building desktops and lappies. They soon diversified to phones and to other things. As things stand now, the popularity of their best selling product, the iPhone, is being undermined by the slightly more pratical but less pretty Android. Which is a software. So the tables are turned. The iPod’s cool im with you on that too (:

  4. SUPERASTER REUBEN!!!! i think Apple’s success is already a threat to all android products. I dunno if the quote is true by jobs but i think even without totally destroying android product Apple is already the leading product when it comes to technology! Its marketing strategy is also unique and fresh deisgning is also chic that is why apple is always leading:)

    PEAR?!?!?! seriously? HAHAHAHA

    • Well Apple’s leading now that’s for sure, but i think they’re going to struggle post-Stevie J. it’ll be awhile before they’ll find someone of similar calibre to spearhead their cause.

      But im not much of an Apple guy. I love my Mango, if you know what i mean. hahah

    • Tough chance imo. Five bucks says they cant in 2 years, 10 bucks say they’ll struggle in the following five. I wouldnt dare predict their fortunes past 7 years because the tech industry is so volatile but that’s my 2 cents worth. (:

  5. steve jobs should just rest in peace and not worry about its competitior, the android. its obvious that apple has been dominating the market and i believe it will continue to do so in the years to come. he has built up such a strong brand image (apple products are sleek and cool) that appeals to the masses.

    • Haha yea but if they need to do something really cool for the iPhone 5, otherwise they’re going to take some serious mud to the face. While the majority of techies were not impressed with the iPhone4S, a lousy iPhone 5 showing will only cement the fact that Apple cannot innovate without Jobs and that is going to hurt their rep bad.

      Im just saying, that’s what i see in my crystal ball. hehe..

  6. Steve Jobs shouldn’t worry about Android. He’s done a great job at Apple and they’re quite safely competitor free for the next half a decade, especially with all the projects Jobs left in the pipeline at Apple. He’s created a cult like following for his products, it’s going to be awhile before anyone breaks Stevie’s duck– or fruit, in this case.

    • Jeremy, did you just read off the previous post and paraphrased it so as to pass this comment off as yours? tsk tsk mate. And I would know better, coming from an Apple fan like yourself. Haha.. But thanks for your opinion!

      Stevie’s duck btw, is going to shatter and sh*t the floor if the next big thing they have up their sleeves is the iPhone4S.5 or Macbook Air V.2!

      • As an Apple devotee myself I must agree with Ruben. While the Siri function on the iPhone4S was interesting, very little else piqued my interest. The whole voice recognition and AI concept is very promising but it has to be built upon. Much like Microsoft’s Kinect.

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