You would agree

Hi I am retsarepus and this is my blog superaster.  If you haven’t yet realized, retsarepus is superaster spelt backwards, pretty clever huh.
Hur hur hur… No it isn’t lamer.


The date’s the 11th of October 2011.  Mother Nature had a bit too many drinks last
night because Bukit Timah was wet wet wet.  Communications class started at 8.30am and I was late.  I wasn’t late because of the rain.  I was late because my alarm clock only woke me up at 8.  And the rain made it worse.

So I was quizzed, very briefly, on my late coming, though I doubt a brief quiz can be considered a quiz anymore.  And I was enlightened to the broader truth about myself.
My perspective of time is monochromic (gasp!).  It means I have a sequential view of
time.  Time is like a commodity that can be used up and it moves along a straight line, i.e. point A to B, yaddah yaddah.   It didn’t come much of a shocker actually, in essence it’s saying I’m not much of a multitasker.

I can’t fix my coffee, watch the news, mop up a spill while replying an email on two phones, flipping through the papers and getting dressed at the same time.  I know some can—freaks.  I operate like an iPhone on OS version 3.1.2, or the Windows phone, prior to Mango.  Yes, kinda sad.

Speaking of Apple, the late Steve Jobs was quite the polychromatic personality.  Bright man, optimistic, charismatic and was quite the visionary.  He often ran several projects at one time whilst juggling keynote speeches at events as well as his perennial health issues.  He was a family man too and kudos to him for that.  He passed away earlier this month, 5th October, bless his soul.  Now iSuppose, iWill never be much like Steve due to our differing perceptions in time orientation but iCan try.  I’m trying right there.

It may seem I’m mocking the work of this great man but honestly iAm not.  iAm paying him homage.  iHate iRreverence.  Word.


The CNN U.S. ran an article on his death a couple of weeks back which revealed that Job’s creative vision was shaped by his experiences in India and his escapades when indulging in psychedelic drugs.  iDont know, may iShould do that too.  What do you think?

CNN article:

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6 thoughts on “You would agree

  1. hahaha this was interesting to read.

    I’ve never heard about the psychedelic drugs before though! How legit is that? The drugs only helped him be creative right, not aid his ability to multi-task right? So it probably wouldn’t remedy your disability… :p

  2. hi5 to not being a freak reuben! Having the sequential view of time owns! And yes, that was not considered a quiz at all, a quiz requires you a few days of studying prior to it now that we are here, messed up, but that is the oh so sad truth.

    • Hi5 you back dude! hahah.. well a quiz is

      Noun: Quiz (quizzes) kwiz
      1. An examination consisting of a few short questions

      while i definitely wasnt crossed-examined i suppose a couple of questions warrants a quiz, no? 😛

  3. Steve Jobs was a total baller, everything he touched turned to gold and you can take that almost in a literal sense! RIP the great man and bless his soul.

    I’m on psychedelic drugs atm (hush), i see Steve Jobs when i high. He’s telling me to layoff the sugar boy!

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